Thursday, January 26, 2006

Country Western Dancing

Some friends and family plan to visit Oplin next Friday night for the first time. Tonight, however, we began the preparation! A few of us signed up (along with about a dozen other couples), through the Abilene Parks and Rec, to learn Country and Western dancing. It was so fun, and I plan to post the results. Katie and her friend Claire danced together (most of the time, Katie was the "boy"), and, because Ken said no to being my partner (more on that later!), my dancing partner is Gregory Herrington, age 19, eldest child of my best friend Gayla and a freshman at ACU. He's been out to Oplin a couple of times already with a bunch of friends, but he was game to learn it "the real way." We had a lot of fun tonight, and we only learned the basic Texas Two-Step. Imagine once we know a little more!

Back to Ken: Ken tried ballroom dancing with me in New Haven, Connecticut back in the 80s; he didn't enjoy it, to put it mildly. And I'm not pressuring him to dance with me now, since Ken put it this way: "Karen, suppose the situation were reversed, and I wanted you to sign up for a triathlon with me, would you do it?" Unless the events were scrapbooking, snacking, and reading, I would have to say the answer honestly is no. So, I'm dancing with Gregory, and Ken does triathlons alone! :)