Thursday, April 17, 2008



lecroy said...

These may be funny, but untrue. Blog is no different than easy conversation - it conveys information, but asks the unasked question - Am I relevant? Do I matter, Do people care about me? Will people listen if I talk?

For you, the answer is yes yes yes.

For me, the answer is .... Hey Karen! Listen! Hey! Dang it, lost her again.

Karen said...

You crack me up, o strange brother! Sorry I lost y'all on Skype the other day on Myles' birthday. I was glad to get to hear his monosyllabic answers, however; where was the chit-chatty young man that night?! Sounds like a fun train birthday, anyway. At least that's what we all gathered from, "Yes." "Fun." "Uh-huh." "Good." It really cracked us up when Mallory burst in with, "Well, Myles, I'm not just good; I'm GREAT!" :) Hug your family for me; I miss you all.

lecroy said...

Myles has terrible phone manners. But he is still suffering from logorhea most of the time, but just in person. This is why teenage boys are quiet and sullen, they have run out of words. Used em up by the age of 10.

Many days I am pretty much ready for that process to start. Currently he has to say everything that crosses his mind. Everything. But there is a format. First he gets your attention. "Daddy?" "Yes."
"I have to tell you something."
"OK. You dont have to tell me you have to tell me something, just tell me somthing."
"OK, but I have to tell you something."
"OK, but just say it, you already have my attention."
"OK, but I have to tell you something."
"OK, what is it?"
"blah blah...."

Karen said...

Oh no Kenny, I didn't mean Myles had bad manners. I EXPECT littluns not to talk on the phone; it was just funny, since he talks so much these days, as you said! He was PERFECT! Loved the call! My kids used to do the same thing when they were little and we lived in Connecticut and Maine--talk, talk, talk, call Grandma, dead silence. So it goes.