Friday, May 02, 2008

Talent show anyone? - by Krista Cukrowski

Hey, This is Krista! I felt the need to tell all y’all readers about one of the most exciting things that has happened since we have arrived here! What I’m talking about of course is the First Ever ACU Study Abroad Talent Show!

What happened is that Mallory, one of the students here, thought it would be fun if everyone got together and performed something for all the rest of us--and thus a great idea was born. It was a REQUIREMENT that everyone perform a talent, so EVERYONE was rushing around, thinking of things that they could do! And when I say “everyone,” I mean even my PARENTS and the Penya Family as well! The whole thing was great, and everyone contributed lots.

However, the #1 reason that this was so hilarious has to be because Holly, one of my Dad's students who happens to be a gymnast, needed a second person for her number. She decided that her talent would be (drum roll please!) to teach Ken how to do a backhand spring in 24 hours. Yes. I am COMPLETELY serious.

I find it necessary to explain why this is so spectacular. My dad is in great physical shape, and he can probably run circles around you.
BUT….he’s going to turn 46 in 2 days, and he's so inflexible that he can’t even touch his toes! He certainly has never done a back handspring.

Despite these minor setbacks, Holly put Dad to work. They spent hours practicing the steps that would go into this miraculous feat. When the time came to perform, most people had NO idea what they were gonna see! So…Dad stepped up there, gave a quick intro, Holly joined him, and I started up playing the Olympic Fanfare on a friend's computer (Mom's died)! Somehow, my father is still alive! It turns out that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

The moral of this story is…You can view this wonderful achievement on YouTube at or just type in the key words “Coach Holly and Dr. Cukrowski” and be prepared to laugh your head off!!!!!


lecroy said...

FAntastic Back handspring! Bart Conner meets Bart Simpson! I hear the olympics are coming - I vote for Ken.

Sounds like you had a life changing experience. Great.

Karen said...

One of the students told me, "Wow, Dr. Cukrowski really DOES bend over backwards for his students!" :)

Autumn said...

Wow that was awesome!

Karen said...

Hey Autumn, is there anything you want me to bring back special? Tomorrow is my last shopping day!!!

Anonymous said...

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